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Hand Piece Wrap Device Grip Tape | 6 rolls


Get 6 Rolls of Hand Piece Wrap Device Grip Tape 

  • 6 Rolls in a rainbow of shades.
  • 2" x 5 yards each
  • Self Adhesive
  • Excellent for securing your clipcord sleeve to your PMU handpiece.
  • Reduces handpiece vibration during use and provides better grip.
  • No messy adhesive, clips or fasteners needed - this non-sticky wrap adheres to itself. 
  • Individually packaged per roll.

1.High elasticity: Well fixed to patient contacting place and lacing.

2.Self adhesion: Stick to itself, not sticky to skin,hair or clothing.

3.Simplicity: easy to carry, easy to use, easily tearing

4.Comfortableness: Thin and soft, good air permeability which allows  

   evaporation of perspiration and liquid.  

5.Watertightness: Water resistance not easy to slip or loose  

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